Within the Market, you will find the Auction House and the Mystery Shop.


The Auction House


1. You may sell any unbound items for Balens here. 2. You cannot cancel an auction once someone has made an offer. 3. A listing fee is required when placing an item for sell in the Auction House. 4. Once your auction is complete, check your mailbox. If the auction is successful, Balens will be sent. 20% of the total sale will be deducted due to trading fees. If the auction is unsuccessful or unfinished, your item will be returned.

The Mystery Shop


1. You may buy rare items here. 2. Items in the Mystery Shop reset automatically every four hours or can be reset manually using Balens. 3. You may purchase up to 20 separate items from the Mystery Shop per day. Purchase counter resets daily at 5 AM.

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